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How long does methadone stay in your system for a urine test?

This question has also been asked and answered here: How long does Methadone stay in your system?

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Inactive 23 Jul 2010

Randy, Someone asked basically the same ? today, so if you log on to Answers you will get the info you need verbatim. Take care, Julie

Birdhappy 23 Jul 2010

Half life of Mehadone is 24- 36 hours. You can't flush it out of system faster by flushing out your system faster with any amount of fluids as it is metabolized by the liver not the kidneys. Hope that helps.

barbiedoll51 9 May 2011

i don't know!!!

SomersetDope 15 Nov 2012

Y u people can't give a straight answer to the question??? If u don't know then don't say nothing at all, stop selling ppl hope and dreams, ur playin with peoples emotions

Inactive 15 Nov 2012

Gee, I thought it was answered by giving the half life. You certainly did not give an answer either so why are you bothering to answer! This question is 2 years old also, & I believe the questioner probably got his urine test before now. If you want to help on this site, be more gentile & answer new questions that people really need help if you know the answer that is... free discount card

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