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How long does leg pain last from morphine withdrawals?

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LaurieShay 23 May 2011

Hey theoldmanuj,

It really depends on how long you have already been in withdrawals and how much you were taking before you stopped. I would say in general the leg cramps and restlessness will last a week to 10 days.


joy anderson 25 Apr 2014

I don't think I can take another night of pain.. I think 25 days. Eight days in hospital. I:m ready for a nerves breakdown., I haven't slept more than 2 hrs , off and on. for 25 days .I'm taking ibp,gabiril 2mg, 3x's and baclophen 10mg 2xs a day.I feel like I should be in a rehab.

BRRMARS 23 May 2011

what kind of leg pain is it restless leg syndrome or what sharp? How long have you been off the drug? How did you get off the drug cold turkey or taper? All these questions will make a difference in an answer.

theoldmanuj 23 May 2011

I been hydrocodone for about 10 years, 7.5mg/500mg took one maybe two a day and never had no problems. When I felt the pain, I took a pill, and it was working fine. Then 3 weeks ago the doctor from outa nowhere says no more hydrocodone, and gave me morphine. Took it for 11 days, 2 pills 30mg, and side affects almost killed me. I stopped taking anything 5/17/2011, it's 5/24 and the leg pain just won't go away. Feels like, they both twitch, then one twitches, the bottom my feet feel like they on fire, and feels like bones are trying to shrank. I'm 67 and had a lot pain, but never felt like this, and yes cold turkey.

BRRMARS 23 May 2011

wow, that's not good, hopefully within a week those pains should go away, but why no more hydro? was it the acetametaphine, because that is a lot and can cause your liver a whole lot of damage, but he could change you to norco which is 10/325 very little acetemetaphine. weird he would put you on an opiate. your body doesn't like morphine, neither did mine i had horrible side effects and had to quit cold turkey also, took me about three weeks to get back to normal.

Inactive 23 May 2011

It soounds to me the leg pain is probably nerve pain you already had that the hydrocodone was taking care of. They make meds that are not narcotic for this type of pain. Neurotin is one, I take Lyrica also, I am sure there are others. Might want to talk to doctor about this...

Inactive 23 May 2011

from experience its about the same amount of time with percocets or vicoden, im on a taper from percocet 10/325, and get leg cramps and rls and arm. some times from what i read and talk to people, if u are active and try to excersize, it all goes away sooner, i also started taking magnesium citrate powder with calcium , mix tsp full in glass water, mix and drink everynite, its wonderfull, its also called calm, it can be found in a healthfood store or order at the calm website on line, hope this helps free discount card

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