My Dr. gave it to me to try, and I took it once. So it could still be in my system after 6 days? What determines whether it would be 3-4 days or 7 ? Why didn't you like it ? I just got a great new job and have to take a drug test on the 6th day. I have been on disability for back surgeries. I don't want them (new job) to find out about the Kadian because than they will find out about my health problems and perhaps be more hesitate to hire me, as they are degenerative and progressive. I took it once and felt different then when I took my other pain meds in the past, but it worked. How did it effect you ? Do you think if I took it on Tues. It will still show positive U.A. on Monday ? Thank you for your last response. If you could answer these other questions I would appredciate it. Thanks again