My boyfriend was on the methadone program for about a year or so he went up to 100 dose and then started coming back down eventually getting to 50. We planned a vacation to fly to see my parents in florida on Nov. 18th so we talked about it and he decided to just get off the methadone now at 50 so by vacation he wouldn't be sick. The only problem now is that I'm reading it takes longer then a month for the withdrawals to even lighten up. I'm upset because he really needs this vacations and I'm going to feel so horrible if he can't enjoy our trip... he's on coming up on week 3 of not taking the methadone and its so heartbreaking watching him go through this hell. He has hot and cold shakes, stomach cramps/aches, headaches, diarrhea, sleepless nights and the worst one is what he calls "the kicks". Does anybody have any advice on ways to make this transition go any smoother? And can anyone tell me approximately how long or how much longer this will be going on? And is from now to Nov 18th a reasonable amont of time for this to get any better? Thank you please help.