I'd like to ask, I'm a fit and healthy 39yr old female. I've been taking Topamax now for 9 months just a night to help with side effects, I get the tingling, I suffer extremely from being always cold, I still suffer migraines once or twice a month but least not 2 in a week, I also still suffer headaches weekly, I have noticed lately that I have become very emotional and having terrible thoughts of harm to myself and it doesn't seem to scare me, and I have noticed that I am becoming more forgetful also. I lost weight from them and now weight 53kgs, I didn't need to lose weight it jsut occured, I don't want to keep getting headaches and migraines but I dont know if I should be worried about the side effects and if i do stop taking them how do I go about it, the specialist at the RPA hospital I had travelled to see regarding my migraines had said not to stop them instantly and I don't want to go back to my local docal about it.