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How long does it take to feel normal again after abusing ritilin for 3 years ? last one 4 days ago?

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13 Nov 2011

Hello jewels480. I would say, its going to take some time. A few months maybe. Guessing, I honestly can't say in as much as I've not been on ritalin. I suppose its how hard you abused yourself, meaning how often, that type of thing, how many pills you were taking. Are you still planning to take the drug. Was it prescribed? Just whatever you decide, if you do decide to stop, plan a taper, because the withdrawls can be harmfull, have a good Sunday, and I hope things go well for you,

jewels480 16 Nov 2011

Thank You, Pledge, for reaching out and answering my hastly posted question. I was feeling so ill last Sunday and unsure of what to do, as the cycle I am in with methylphenidate is out of control. I can say that it is better than it was, as I have been forced to reduce my intake or I could see that I could end up in trouble by getting it from more than one doc, so now I am just seeing one doc and got the dose upped to 20 mg 3x daily, the regular release. I have since my previouse note been able to obtain a new script, same doc, and am feeling better. I am actually taking more like 5 of the pills a day, and I never even used to be the kind of person who liked the feeling of being speeded up. I always had probs. with opiates and benzos. This didn't start until I turned 30 or so, and has been bad for about 3 years. My husband has the issue also, so that makes things a bit harder.

Anonymous 16 Nov 2011

Hi jewels. I know, how it is. As to the benzos, I can identify. I was addicted to them, but I never had any kind of a high, Just when not taking them, extreme irritabilty, anger, not a high rage but well, I went into detox, a hospital for 5 weeks, they had me on phenobarbital, yet, still had a seizure, left me speechless, literally, then went into speech therapy had to learn how to talk again. To this day, it is by no means what people might call normal, and that attack was almost 30 years ago. Well, you and your husband, take it easy, try not and worry, tomorrow always awaits us. Enjoy the trip, and the turkey :-0)

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