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How long does it take Lamictal to start working?

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suzanne66 2 Jun 2010

Sorry, I need more information.
Are you being treated for epilepsy or bi-polar?

lexus985 3 Jun 2010

I am so sorry :( It was prescribed for me for Bi-polar. I am also on Klonopin, Nuerontin & Buspar. I was not real impressed with the side effects of Lamictal. I am a nurse and my Dr did not want to put me on Topamax because it causes such weight loss But, in my updated medicine manual "anorexia" is a very common side effect of Lamictal. I just wanted to hear real experiences from people that have taken or are on Lamictal. Sorry, I posted no info at all. Thanks for responding. Hope to hear back from you.

suzanne66 3 Jun 2010

You might find this link interesting or you could try our forum to find others who have tried Lamictal :
All the best.

Inactive 11 Jun 2010

Good answer, specially giving the links for lamictal

Inactive 31 Jul 2010

I noticed you posted this question 9 weeks ago. Are you seeing any response on to Lamictal now? I just started on it 3 weeks ago. My psych doc said I may start to notice a difference when I am on 50 mg (which I am now). I hope you are starting to get some relief from your bipolar symptoms! free discount card

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