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How long does it take for wellbutrin take to work on a 7 yr old with severe adhd?

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LaurieShay 11 Jun 2011

Hey dora jo,

Wellbutrin can take as much as a month to reach maximum effectiveness, although is might begin to help in as little as a week as it reaches steady state in the blood. I'm curious though why the doctor would chose Wellbutrin for the adhd. It will help concentration and any symptoms of depression. Have you tried the more typical meds such as adderall or concerta. They do have there own set of pros and cons with long term treatment in the very young which maybe why the doctor is trying Wellbutrin. Just curious.

Best wishes,


Inactive 11 Jun 2011

I have to say Im curious too about a 7yr old on wellbutrin. Like Laurie said there are some very good meds to treat adhd and I have never heard of a doc writting wellbutrin for this. Vyvance is another good one, the same company that makes adderall makes it. Adderall XR is a time released and has been known to work good. Sometimes like Laurie has said NOT one size fits all, I have seen them have to try a couple before finding the right one. But I would question my ped about the wellbutrin.

dora jo 11 Jun 2011

she was on medadate 20 mg a day and focolin 15 mg but she stopped gaining weight

Inactive 12 Jun 2011

That is very common in children who start ADHD meds to lose wt at first. After awhile thier little bodies go back to normal. But when it doesn't then the doc will try another med for ADHD. I don't know her or her back ground I wish I could. I was a nurse for a ped doc and we had so many ADHD kids, I wish you would ask your doc about addreall xr or Vyvance. The side effects to alot of the adhd meds is wt loss and not sleeping. The doc I worked for would give clonidine 0.1 at bed time. Hope things work out for you please keep me posted.

LaurieShay 12 Jun 2011

I suspected that the problem was the not gaining weight and lack of growth from the methylphenidate (medadate and focalin). The supression of growth in young people is of real concern when using these type medications. I would have to agree with the doctor, trying Wellbutrin is a viable option under the circumstances. Watch your daughter closley for signs of adverse effects and don't hesitate to call the doctor if any signs of problems arise.

Keep us posted as to her progress,

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