My son is 12yrs old and we have been fighting this for 1 year. After going on a Gluten free diet, his Crohns symptoms seemed to lessen, but very time he gets off the Prednisone, it flares back up. His effects are not abdominal issues, they are joint pain to the point where it hurts to walk up and down stairs and has had to stop his sports. We started Remicade last mo nth. we are in the initial 3 doses, but haven't seen any improvement. Should we have seen something by now?
His knees were the size of grapefruits and his ankles are very weak. This has taken a toll on his physical as well as emotional well being. we are looking for a silver lining to keep us positive. He hasn't had any immediate reactions to Remicade, just no "results" yet. Any feedback for us?