I have a multitude of chronic conditions, such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis-where your body snacks on your thyroid (of course got the goiter (small) and a nodule too, Adrenal Insufficiency from Hemorrhaged Adrenal Gland and an Adenoma, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety/Panic Disorder, Depression, Chronic pain. I fell asleep EVERY DAY after taking PROZAC for 6 years AND JUST NOTICED! I was testing all my other RX's, Natural RX's and Vitamins. Missed the 1 that gave me the symptoms that I thought were all part of my Endocrine Dysfunction!. I'd take it at 8 a.m., fall asleep by 9 a.m. Took my pain meds at 5 to 6:00 a.m. so that's 2-3 hours in between - and I had them lowered before Prozac. I decided to take Prozac at night since it made me so tired. I did not take it that a.m. and I FELT WONDERFUL THE WHOLE DAY! At night a little dizziness. Then I made the mistake and took it - (Doc's Orders) and FELT SO SICK - but it was the SAME FEELING I'D HAD FOR YEARS! I had attributed it to my Endo problems. Not so! Then I read the side effects - EVERYTHING I HAD attributed to my thyroid, adrenal, endocrine problems were ALL LISTED UNDER SIDE EFFECTS OF PROZAC. Especially the fact that it affects your metabolism - which is what my poor little thyroid is trying to do. I am experiencing withdrawal - first week o.k., but can't sleep, crying, anxiety, even Xanax doesn't help. I don't know how long I can hang in there. My Endo would be very upset because #! rule for me is 0 STRESS! 3 months ago I had to stop taking cortisol cold turkey, then my narcotic pain meds got dropped in error-and my Endo wanted me back where I was for 4 years BUT I discovered the dropped amount worked almost as well, and my 3 day migraines disappeared! Now, I've stopped Prozac. My body can't take much more. I need to know how long it's going to take before I can sleep again! Or stop with the mood swings and all that goes with withdrawal. This is worse than going down on a narcotic. PLUS, I've tried all the SSRI's, most twice and SORRY DOCS BUT I WON'T BE TRYING THEM AGAIN. I get through this and I'm out of it forever. I found out because it made me so tired I'd fall asleep w/i an hour of taking it for 6 years. So I decided to take it at night. But that day was WONDROUS! I felt like my old self! Clear thinking, calm, collected - JUST FELT GREAT! Then I took it that night and was sicker than sick! I never touched it since. My husband called my Psychiatrist and told him what was going on - he deemed it inappropriate or whatever to return my call for discussion - so I'm on my own. My Endo would say I've WAY WAY OVERSTRESSED MY BODY. She was upset with the lowering of the pain meds and that was just about 2 months ago. I haven't quite recovered from that-but less is best. For Prozac and me - 0 is best. Anyone out there done this cold turkey? I REALLY WANT TO SLEEP! At least I have my appetite back! I recently had a bought with an abdominal/stomach issue or withdrawal symptom, but that's resolved itself. This is so much harder than even lowering narcotics - at least for me. And I just went down on 80 mgs./day of Opana - which is twice as strong as Oxycontin! And it's the Prozac leeching from my body that's making me feel horrific. WHEN DOES IT END? ANYONE??? Thank You All For Listening!