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How long does it take for nearotin to start working on Restless legs?

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Bebe1964 18 Sep 2011

Hi Julie, I took Nuerontin for years for my RLS along with klonipin and it worked pretty fast. (Within a few hours but didn't last all night) I was at 800 mg at night. It was too hard to take during the day because it made me too drowsy. I have since moved on to Horizant which is almost the same but extended release and it worked the first night. It is taking me a few days to adjust, but I'm getting rest now. I have been diagnosed with primary and sever RLS so I understand what you may be going through. Just keep the dialogue going between you and your doctor until you find out what works for you. Good luck.

villageidiot 18 Sep 2011

Thank you so much for your post Bebe. I have been looking for someone to post about Horizant. How long have you been taking it? I also have the same problem with neurontin making me too sleepy. Unfortunately, it does not make me sleepy enough to sleep. :-{ Did you stop the neurontin and then start horizant? I've read on the web that you can take both. Thanks!

Bebe1964 18 Sep 2011

Hi Village, I didn't want to say idiot. :). I have only been on Horizant for 3 days but they have been great or should I say the nights have been. Or better yet wouldn't know because I slept. I was told not to take both neurontin and Horizant but I still take klonipin. I was even able to watch the football game without having to pace because of the pain of sitting still and my team won. My doctor has been waiting on this for a while. See if you can get a sample to see if it will work because it is expensive as a new drug. Good luck.

villageidiot 19 Sep 2011

Thanks for the info Bebe. Horizant is the first thing on my list for my October doctor visit. I know he will give it to me, unless it conflicts with other meds I am taking. My doctor is such a wonderful, caring man.
I just pray to God that the Horizant works, continues to work, and does not eventually make my jerks worse. And, I pray that it continues to work for you.
Let me know how it goes for you please! How often do you have jerks? I've had them about every 4 hours, for the last 4 weeks. I manage to get an hour or two of sleep, now and again. You would have been more correct if you had called me "idiot" instead of "village"!!! :-D I certainly feel brain dead-ish. I'm very glad that your football team won.

NUTZ... Gotta get up and walk... :-(

toorestless 29 Jan 2012

Hey, I started taking Horizant about a week and 1/2 ago and it doesn't seem to work for me. I was taking mirapex 1mg a night. Took that for about 8 years. It worked good, had to increase dosage about ever 6 months or so. Had to switch because of gambling side effects. So far the horizant hasn't impressed me. After the 3rd night I slept soundly for about 3 nights now I am back to the painful legs and arms again. Trouble is, I think that it is more painful now than before. It is to the point my husband and I have to sleep in seperate beds because I move around to much, even when I do go to sleep. Let me know how it is working for you all. free discount card

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