I came off of a prescription of percocet a couple months ago that I was on to treat severe back pain, and a fractured spine. I came off of this because my ex husband was playing dirty in a custody battle he launched and called DCF and accused me of abusing my medicine. (I wasn't, but apparently DCF doesn't care about that) The first few drug screens were positive for my medicine, now I am in a nasty court battle and I need to make sure my drug screens are clean. Last Thursday a friend gave me two loritab 10/500 when I threw my back out, I took them that day. I haven't had a drug screen in a while so I'm assuming one is coming up, how long will those two loritab take to clean out of my urine? They are using a 10 strip drug screen, it doesn't go to a lab or anything, just the test strip in a cup.