I was prescribed them while I was in hospital in july with a chest injury.
since then its like my brain and most of my memory has disappeared overnight.
and I have a lasting feeling of confusion all day and night and sleeping is virtually impossible.
I also feel an intense sense of anxiety over the littlest of things and I am struggling to remember things I know like the back of my hand.
it's like my memory or part of my brain has gone to sleep literally.
this is not normal for me and I t is starting to worry me alot.
I also have a constant feeling of diorreah which again is not normal of course.
this has sapped my self esteem because I feel stupid saying to friends how I feel.
but hiding away at home is not helping.
but I cannot afford to be sinking like this... someone somewhere please please please help me help myself.
Thank you in advance.
and by the way if you have even thought about taking codeine?
no matter how intense the pain... physical pain is better than the withdrawal symptoms from codeine, Trust me.