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How long does flexeril stay in your system?

This question has also been asked and answered here: How long does Flexeril stay in your system?

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suzanne66 20 Sep 2011

Sorry this question was not answered earlier. If it is no longer helpful to you maybe it will be helpful to others.

Flexeril has a long half life of between 1 and 3 days. This is the time it takes for your body to reduce the plasma drug levels by half. Flexeril is eliminated slowly from the body.
It usually takes around 5.5 half lives for a drug to be eliminated from your system.
As an estimate then , after taking a dose of Flexeril it should be out of your system within 5.5 days to 16.5 days.

However other factors to consider include:

1. How much and how often you have taken the drug.
2. Your metabolic rate – a slower metabolism will increase the time a drug remains in your system.
3. Your age and health – older age and poor health will generally increase the time the drug stays in your system.
4. Body mass – generally the bigger you are the longer a drug will remain in your system.

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