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How long does a lortab stay in your system if you have taken them consistently for months?

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arcanoidcyst16 7 Jan 2012

Yes I would like to know as well but being a member for almost 2 years now expect at least 2 weeks just for a 1 or 2 replys.Just sayin questions take really long to get answered now.For what reason IDK why???

Inactive 7 Jan 2012

Aracnoid, I think they have a new way of posting questions of some type it seems. Keep going down here on this one & you will see more unanswered questions. I wish everyone would answer a few of these each day if they can. I found there were 60,000 unanswered questions. Must be why they are doing it this way. Can you imagine the computer overload you would get? Thought this might help you out... Mary

tlcandmore 8 Jan 2012

Hi A - I wondered what happened to you. Glad to see you're still around!! I don't see some of these q's until they've been posted for more than 24 hrs. I'm going to try and tweek my email alerts. I have it set for 6 hrs now but don't always get alerts. I will look into it further.
Your friend -Terri-

Hey Mary - When I start feeling a little better I will try to answer as many q's as I can each day. I am no expert on anything but can give support.
Hugs -Terri-

Inactive 8 Jan 2012

Good for you Terri! I try too, but have trouble some days just keeping up with the ones that show up in my inbox! Mary

Inactive 7 Jan 2012

I'm not sure either, but am referencing you to the site for this drug. Hope this helps you somewhat... free discount card

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