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How long do you need to stop taking opitas to start taking suboxone?

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Inactive 25 Mar 2011

Hi kribob,

Take the COWS test (link below), if you score a 26 or higher, to my recollection it is safe to start suboxone. Make sure you do not start it too soon, or you'll go into precipitated WD, and that is hellish!

Best wishes,

kribob 26 Mar 2011

I just want to let everyone know... i took my last perc at 3:45 pm and at 12:45am (9 hours) i scored a 11 on the COWS test i was going thruw some moderate withdrawls..i no your are suppost to score a 26 or higher but i couldnt wait any longer ..last time i did this was because of knee surgery and i waited 12 hours and was in moderate to severe withdrawls i tooks 1 mg of suboxone and i was fine... thank god, i guess everyone is different so i just want to let people know that in my case i didnt have to wait the whole 24 hours and wait till i hit a 26 on the scale..thank you for all your help everyone ..god bless

Inactive 26 Mar 2011

Hi Bob,
You are very very lucky that you did not go into precipitated withdrawals!!
Hope you are still feeling fine!

kribob 26 Mar 2011

Thank you... i was talking to a few people that have gone back an forth on perc and suboxone and they told me that everyones body is different and some people depending on there Metabolism is different and some people go into withdrawls faster then others ...

Inactive 25 Mar 2011

Unless the opiate was methadone, you should hit 26 on the COWS test at around the 24 hour without opiate mark. If it was methadone, you have to taper to 30 mgs or less, wait 72 hours and then it is best to actually start on subutex. Pattishan

SuzieOf 31 Mar 2012

I clicked on the link in the first post and got a page that said that it has been removed.. I am looking for the COWS test. free discount card

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