I suffered my first seizure from ultram and I am trying to reduce my intake of ultram and eventually quit. How soon will the withdrawals kick in? I took ultram for one year (1, in the morning & 1 at night) and just recently (up 3 months) ago up to 15 a day. I suffered from bad sciatic pain and while they helped so much, I feel I must live life without them now. - - - Is it normal to feel like a freight train ran over me after a seizure?

Now I am being told by the doctors not to drive for 6 months. I am normally an extremely active person. This will be tough on me.. but I don't want another seizure to happen. Obviously I took too much, the night it happened I took about 5 or 6 and about 20 minutes later I fell to the ground. While it has truly been a wonder drug to me, it has helped alot with pain.. I feel motivated to do more things around the house. I stopped all desire to drink all together and I have been able to exercise pain free and lose pounds. Now, since the seizure I have given my wife the bottle of pills which contained all the ultram. Doing this cold turkey scares me now