I'm trying to get an idea of whether or not i'm experiencing symtoms of withdrawal and if so, about how long do they last. I was prescribed restoril (temazepam) for sleep and was taking it just short of regularly for a period of one month. The longest period of consistent daily use was for about six days @ 30mg per day. I only felt the effects of it the very first night i took it. Every time i had taken it after that i wasnt able to sleep, and felt no effect, but would have the groggy hangover the next morning regardless. After informing a doctor of it inefficasy, i was told that it works best after 5-7 days of continuos use. I continued with the aforementiond 6 days before being taken off it abruptly. Currently i am having even more trouble sleeping and am experiencing restless tossing and turning, hotflashes, cold sweats, and an increase in my usual daily anxiety. Are these signs of withdrawal, and for how long will this persist if they are? Anyone with similar experiences AND helpful treatment info is welcome to answer, and i'd greatly appreciate it.