i have been taking them for almost four years. (feels like foreever!!) Swallowing 1 of the 10 mg (the yellow ones) EVERY 4 hours.. after i became dependent I would even wake up every 4 hours through the night and take one. (so 6--10mg every day)

I started taking them for a sprained wrist. when i first started to take them i actually hated the way they made me feel... but i also knew NOTHING about opiates or opiates addiction. so i took them for 3 weeks strait until my pain was gone and when the pills were gone i felt the wd's ..and then i found out about the addiction..( i wish i would have just dealt with the wd's then. woulda been 1000 times easier!)

i guess what im trying to say is that i wasnt ever "wanting" that high. i just wanted to feel ok... and i am lucky i think because if i was wanting the high i wouldnt have maintained the same dose the whole time, and i would be taking alot more than i am now. ( 6 pills a day/ 10mg / for 4 years is still ALOTT!)
well that is my looong story, and thank you for any advice or support that is given!!