I'm 27 years old and have been on different types of Bc since I was 15 due, to an ovarian cyst rupture. I was on Ortho tri cyclene until a couple years ago. They put me on Tri Sprintec, which i took for like a year or so.I decided to try the shot because Tri Sprintec was making my horrible periods worse. They have always been really heavy and long. I had like 4 shots, but had to quit cause I was having migranes nausea, back aches , lots of weight gain when I could hardly eat. After 9 months on it, they switched me back to Tri Sprintec.I quit taking it again for the same reason as the previous one in October. I had my period last from Sept 5 to October 15th. I haven't had a period since, except for a two day one in November. I'm not pregnant. Could the shot still be having an effect on my body?