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How long do methadone withdrwls last? Im dyin 2 be sober but idk if I can do it?

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gr8terL8ter 2 Jan 2011

plz someone help me !!

Panthro 2 Jan 2011

You can do it honestly. It's mostly physiological and overated. Drop by 5 ml a day till you get to 5 ml then drop by 1 ml a day and you will hardly feel any discomfort at all. Honestly I know from experience. Eat right and exercise soon as you feel you can. Good luck mate. Where are you? UK ? could offer help and support

gr8terL8ter 2 Jan 2011

i wish i was there could use the support my doc retired and now im waitn 4 a call back from a clinic 4 sub maybe but its soo hard i cant sleep i hve such anxiety 2 be honest i was up allllll nite on this website and really that only reason i didnt use or just GIVE UP ON LIFE i have nevr been this way thnx 4 the response

Panthro 2 Jan 2011

Your welcome. Anytime. You can do it

MissKOx5 12 Jan 2011

Im on my 8th day. Second time getting off..You can DO THIS. Ive heard alot is mental, however that doesnt seem to help me feel better. It sucks Im doing it right now and I want to just curl up in a ball next to a toilet. Please stay strong, If i can do this anyone can! Im taking extra vitamins and motrin pm or anything pm. Last time that helped this time It doesnt. Going to try some Benadryl now as someone suggested for sleep- stay strong

gr8terL8ter 15 Jan 2011

thnx sooo much 4 the support! free discount card

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