I have been taking Opana er 20mg for 7 months and add to that vicoprofen 7.5 mg through out the day for breakthrough pain! I suffer from chronic back pain and this is after 2 corrective back surgeries! I need to get a job and my doc would not approve me going off and back on the meds! So I cant ask her these questions! They are very strict on how you take the meds! If I mess up I risk them taking me off everything and I can not bear that pain! I would normally agree that honesty is the best policy but who wants a morphine addict working on their animals? I know I can handle it but they dont! How long and painful is the withdraw going to be and can I pull all this off in a months time before my next appt so when they U/A me it comes back dirty? Very confusing I know, but I have to get a job like yesterday and being a vet ass is all I know! Thank you