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How long do I have to wait before taking subutex from the time I took my last amount of opiates?

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subzero58 16 May 2010

hi mega,if you have subutex and not suboxone you can start 12-18 hrs tops. subutex gas no naloxone in it so as soon as you want you can start. still if i were you i would wait the 12 hrs then start with half and see how you feel. before taking a whole pill. i got 1 question to ask you,doesn't anyone use doctors anymore? and dont they see what's going on? addicts don't have money like that. if they did they would be getting high and not thinking about suboxone or subutex...

twinny 1 19 May 2010

ye but better to be off the shite than on might of misunderstood wat u ment but gear gets u no were but to the bottomless pit 1 month an feelin waers off not worth the money mate hope not offended u in any way im in same boat sailin away lol

twinny 1 19 May 2010

alright, depends on wat dose but 2mil stays in system 6 hrs but the quicker u get bak on it the better gd luk, i not used for 18 month an cumin off meds so i am findin it hard but brown takes u down not judgin im fukd on subis an its horrible but rather that than run the street keep strong peace out

subzero58 19 May 2010

anything is better then ripping n running.if u even think bout one for old time sake stay on sub.u are a miracle,keep the faith free discount card

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