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How long do I have to be taking ortho tri-cyclen before I can have unprotective sex with my husband?

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Anonymous 25 Jul 2011

Dr will say one week likely, but to be absolutely sure you won't get pregnant, take all 21 active pills correctly and in order at exactly 24 hour intervals and then you are safe, even when you are on the inactives or your period. It is not uncommon to skip a period or have it be really light,even if you have taken all 21 actives correctly, you are safe, be sure to start your next pack on time.

DzooBaby 25 Jul 2011

When I worked family planning we always told our women too take one full pack before they were considered protected. Most pill manufacturers claim you are protected in 7 days but I'm like you. I think it is safer to go the full pack using a back up method. I was shocked when I first came on here and people were saying seven days but when I looked up what the manufacturers literature says, it does say seven days. So many times when a woman starts her pills, it really throws off her cycle so I think going a full pack is safest.

Anonymous 25 Jul 2011

Thanks for the confirmation Dzoo, I would rather be safe than worry and they used to say take the whole pack correctly before you were protected. I am on HRT and the brand name of that is always better ( i take femhrt) and know that they like to do another hormone panel run after 3 months of use. I have taken estratest also a while back and think I may be low on testosterone myself, had the panel done a bit back and they said no, but I have my doubts. Suboxone can mess up your hormones, especially testosterone, which will bottom out, tho they don't list that. Too many men here have symptoms of Low_T on subs and I know several did have theirs checked and it was low, low, low. I think there is only a generic of estratest now, but not sure. I am going to have that panel redone soon, just to be sure. In women, testosterone helps us endure pain better and keeps our bones strong, and it also makes me scream at people who don't use their turn signals while driving, but that is another story, haha. free discount card

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