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How long do I have to be off suboxne before I can have sugery they will be giving me pain meds?

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Inactive 5 Mar 2011

Depending on the dose of subs you were on, generally 3 to 5 days. If you are on a high dose of 24 to 32 mgs, it may take more like 8 days before you will feel the pain medicine, you should let your subs doctor know about the surgery , he/she can advise you and please let the surgeon or dentist know, and the person putting you to sleep that you are a suboxone patient so all safetys will be in place.

Teanna 5 Mar 2011

iI don't want to get sick from the pain meds, if sub is still in my system

Inactive 6 Mar 2011

It is only when you start suboxone and you have opiate on the receptor site that you will have precip. If you are on sub and have to take opiates, it will block them for a few days but you won't go into precip. You will have to go back into withdrawal to go back on subs when you are ready to go off the opiates again. Let those doctors know asap, the subs doctor is likely to tell you to take more suboxone or tell you to stop and when so you can take the pain meds, but let all 3 docs know.

Teanna 6 Mar 2011

Thank you that helps me alot.

Cathleen186 6 Mar 2011

I didn't know about wd when I had surgery just in Dec. I just guessed 3 days would be good. So that's what I did. I was on 8 mgs at the time. I had no wd symptoms at all.
Good luck with your surgery. Everything will be ok.
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