I am 6months sober from a 2yr percocet addiction and I still feel like my life is not fully back on track yet. I guess this is a difficult question because it probably depends on the person but I am just looking for some advice or insight anyone can offer about this. Most of the problems have gotten better since i stopped because most of the problems came about because of the addiction but i still find myself struggling with stuff that i think i shouldnt be at this point. Like this is my biggest example i can give to let you better understand what i am asking so basically i have plenty of friends that do not use that i can call and hang out with and i find myself alone most of the time and i dont know why. Its like i have so many days where i am bored and i wanna go out but then when i get to the moment when i consider calling someone i dont, i just end up staying alone and waiting for my fiance to come home from work and i dont know why i do this, maybe its just out of habit because i was never like this until i had isolated myself when i was using because all i cared about was getting high. I have a lot of resenment and guilt still and maybe i just need more time because i guess 6months is really nothing compared to 2yrs. I am still taking suboxone but i am down to 1mg beginning to taper off , could this be affecting me in anyway i am not realizing or could i just be depressed because of everything and i am not realzing it. A lot of people might suggest i talk to a therapist about it and get it all out but i dont have money for that. This post may seem a little weird its just i really like this site and alot of people have a lot of good advice to offer and i feel everyone here is very supportive and caring and very helpful and i found some comfort in finding that a lot of people share the same problem as me. I mean any advice or insight any can give would be helpful.