o.k. now some details about me i guess.i am in my 30's.about 10 years ago i had a terrible toothache (or so i thought) but after a couple of weeks, i was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia,the neurololgist put me on neurontin. i was on it for 2 years,it started to make me feel like i was going crazy.(long story semi-short) i got off of it and thanks be to GOD my neuralgia went away.then about 7years ago i started getting sick-pain all over-nerve stabs all over for no reason-completely exxxxhausted-memory gone-among other things.now all this time i am going to doctor after doctor ,i had several different surgeries for various things ,still trying to tell them that something is happening to me,i get nothing just blank looks and stupid answers.all the while the pain is getting slowly worse and worse until now the pain is almost to much to take.i have finally found a doctor that istrying to help me ,well actually his assistant , she told me that i have strong symptoms of ms and she found a place where i can get a free mri because i have no insurance at this time,which also makes it hard to get a diagnosis,but i have had insurance most of the last 10 years that i got no answers at all.i think most of the other doctors thought i just wanted pain medicine,because so many people just want it to get high on that it messes it up for the rest of us who are really in pain.i have just got to know what is happening to me one way or the other.anyway thanks for listening(or reading that is) sometimes thats all you need is for someone to just listen. thanks