My last use of prescription pain meds and benzo's was 7 days ago.I took 2-Valium,1-Xanax,2-Demerol tablets,and 2-Percocets.That same day I started Suboxon from a Dr.that specializes in addiction.I take 12mg of Suboxone once a day(am).The Percocet I have been on two years for pain management,and the Valium,Xanax,and Demerol was a one time deal.I HAVE NOT TAKEN ANYTHING since I started the Suboxone,(7 day's ago).Now it's 7 days later and my probation officer took a urine test that showed positive for benzo's,oxycodone,oxycontin,and Suboxone. There's no problem with the Suboxone on the test but he insists that the other substances should of been out of my system by now.I thought they would be also.Why are these substances showing up after 7 days? Today is the 8th day and im hoping they will be out of my system. Can a blood test or more accurate urine test the levels of these substances and show that I am not taking them anymore?any help would be appericated. Thank you.