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How long can a person take both Plavix (75 mg) and aspirin (325 mg)?

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Rajive Goel 14 Sep 2010

Plavix is licensed to prevent blood clots from forming after having a heart attack, stroke, or chest pain that required hospitalization. It also works to prevent clots in people with very poor circulation, such as those who have peripheral artery disease (PAD). Preventing blood clots from forming and blocking blood vessels helps reduce the risk of having another related heart attack or stroke.

Plavix affects platelets, which are a type of blood cell that clump together to form clots and stop bleeding in the event of a cut or injury. It is part of a class of drugs called antiplatelet medications. Antiplatelet medications help prevent platelets (a type of blood cell) from sticking together and forming a potentially harmful clot. This helps your blood flow more easily.

Aspirin is in this case used as an blood thinner, both meds are usually prescribed for life long after one has had an stroke, however please check it or reconfirm this with the doc/pharmacist who prescribed the meds, take care & be well. free discount card

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