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How long before you see actual results?

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dan318 18 Jan 2010

It took me about two to three weeks to notice a very subtle improvement. Eventually I could feel increased stamina towards the end of the day, I slept better, and, of course, had improved libido. A year ago last summer I went off the Androjel to participate in a clinical trial of a new drug that was supposed to stimulate the testicles to produce more of their own testosterone. I must have been getting the control placebo because my libido went to zero and I got hot flashes. (The drug failed the trial and never went to market). I went back on Androjel after the trial and am doing very well now(except for the shrunken retracted testicles). It took two to three weeks at that time to begin feeling better, too. I might add that when I first started using Androjel - nearly 10 years ago - there were a number of dosage adjustments before the best amount was determined, and even today I make small adjustments to increase or decrease my libido over a week's time.

Studfinder 21 Dec 2010

Dan, How do you "make small adjustments to increase or decrease the libido over a week's time"? Is this sanctioned by your doctor? Just what do you observe and how much do you vary your "dosage" by to achieve this? free discount card

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