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How long before there is any relief taking carisoprodol for muscle pain?

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Inactive 31 Aug 2010

I have to say as it is a short term treatment (2 to 3 weeks) for thre relief of acute musculoskeletal pain, it should be immediate.-

Generally, muscle relaxants will have their effectiveness by working through the central nervous system rather than having a direct effect on the skeletal muscle itself.

You can effectively reduce the inflammation using a soft, flexible ice pack. Applying several times a day will help to keep the inflammation down.

Heat is also good but only after the swelling has gone down. Applying heat to an inflamed area can only make it worse. If you have muscles that are not inflamed you can try warming the affected area with heat packs or taking a warm bath.

Take care.-

booter46 31 Aug 2010

dont tan take too many soma"s can be dangerous--- great answer maso

Inactive 31 Aug 2010

Thanks pal.-

RSDHurtzme 31 Aug 2010

I agree that you also need other ways of treating your muscle pain like was mentioned above.
Advil is an anti-inflammatory which would be good in combination with your muscle relaxer.
Soma aka Carisporadol is generally used for short term muscle problems as my doctor just told me today that it is "barbiturate like" and can be very addictive and dangerous for people on other medications.
I've had severe and chronic muscle spasms for many years now and was put on every muscle relaxer known and it would work for some time but stop eventually even if it worked for up to 1 to 2yrs.
I was put on Soma as a last resort because it is something I will need every day for as long as my doctor feels I can take it safely knowing I've never abused any meds or drugs.
Of course there is a newer one out there but has no generic and I would have to pay full price along with one of my scripts that is around $550 a month 8 months out of the year.
It has been the only one that has worked for me but if your muscle pain is going to be short term due to an injury/strain, give it time along with using ice and then heat. If you take Advil and don't get much relief after 2 weeks on this type of medication, you may want to see your doctor so that he can tell if it's still inflamed and could also put you on a prescription anti-inflammatory and/or run more tests to ensure there is no further damage to the muscles, tendons, and tissue.

yayablondie 1 Sep 2010

What is the newer one? Is it a muscle relaxer? Does it work like soma? Could you let me know what you know? I haven't heard about this. I am also prescribed soma but was wondering about this new one. Thanks.

RSDHurtzme 1 Sep 2010

In response to yayablondie; My doctor who is an internal medicine doctor told me just 2 days ago about Skelactin (sp?). I do not know much about it except for it is not supposed to have the addictive properties that Soma does or harmful side effects for long term use. She asked me if I had tried both Zanaflex and Baclofen which I have. I don't think for me personally that Zanaflex did much but I do remember being on Baclofen for some time without feeling that I became immune to it or that it wasn't helping my spasms which is a daily/nightly problem for me. If you haven't tried one of the other two that I was on, maybe give one of them a try as she did tell me this newer med is very expensive and there isn't a generic for it as many insurance companies won't pay for it as there are so many with generic forms unless your doctor feels that you have tried everything like I had. free discount card

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