6 yr old daughter diagnosed with UTI 11/06/09 and was prescribed Sulfamethoxazole w/TMP (only presenting symptom was foul urine odor..no pain or fever). Urine culture indicated E. coli. Took Rx for 10 days. Daughter started running fever (101.5) yesterday am & having "stomach pain". Fever spiked in evening (104-105 with digital thermometer), she vomited twice & we discovered her pain was in low back (kidneys). As I suspected, pediatrician diagnosed kidney infection this morning (11/21/09) - gave 2 injections of Rocephin (500 mg each) and prescribed Suprax take orally 2x daily for 10 days. We were told if she continued to vomit, she would have to be admitted to the hospital.

No vomiting since 6am (before Dr visit)... but fever is still spiking to 103-104 and Advil is only reducing to around 100.5 and wears off within 4 hours. Now going to start alternating Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen to see if this helps reduce fever.

QUESTIONS: 1) How long before we can tell if Rocephin and/or Suprax are working against infection? 2) Is her fever an accurate indicator of whether antibiotic(s) are working? 3) She is drinking lots of water... but in absence of vomiting... how do we know if or when she should be taken to the hospital? (We are presently without health insurance... otherwise would have been at ER last night! Obviously daughter's health & recovery is priceless... just seeking guidance)