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How long after taking morphine should you wait before starting suboxone?

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11 Aug 2011


You need to wait at least 24 hours after your last dose of morphine. To read further about the use of Suboxone, I recommend the following:

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12 Aug 2011

You need to be well in to withdrawal, especially with Morphine. The dose of Morphine you were on matters too, so I wish you had given it. The 2nd time I had to induct onto Sub I was on 240 - 300 mg of Morphine a day because I had surgery and that was why I was on so much. Don't be surprised if you have to suffer some mild withdrawal symptoms for a while. I did. The 1st time I went on Sub I had been on Vicodin and the transition was smooth and simple. I waited to be in wds, took 8 mg of Sub and went to sleep. I never had wds again. It wasn't like that with Morphine. I had mild wds for about 11 days. The wds kept getting milder until I finally woke up 1 day and they were completely gone. I think I was taking 14 mg of Sub to do that. You may need more or less, everyone is different. In fact you may have an easy transition because everyone is indeed different. So all I'm saying is if you do feel mild wds for a while, don't panic. But they should be mild, and quite bearable. Good luck and let us know what happens.

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