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How long after my last use of opiates should I wait before I take a suboxen?

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Inactive 14 Aug 2010

You will need to wait at least 72 hours and be in acute withdrawals. On this site (DRUGS.COM) you can print out the C.O.W.S. sheet-Clinical opioid withdrawal scale. You need to score at least a 26 on the symptoms chart, otherwise you WILL get very sick if you are not in full w/ds. Please believe me--I've heard way too many horror stories from those who didn't follow this tried and true method. So my friend, hang in there and you will be good as new in due time. Good luck and keep us posted on the "Need to talk" forum. Julie

glennyc 16 Aug 2010

Thanks hun, i appreciate your time an wisdom, i been battlein an opiate addiction for 10 yrs an i wanna be done wit that lifestyle so bad an from what ive heard suboxen is the way to go. I bought 20 8mg subs off the street( i know its wrong) wit the hopes if i take them the right way i can comfortably quit. My last use of opiates was sat evenin bout 5 ish, withdrawls are really hammering me right now, havent taken a sub yet but i think im gonna take one tonight, my friend told me to wait at least 48 hrs so... i will let u no how i make out, again ty for ur advice. glenn

Inactive 16 Aug 2010

Good on you! Please don't make the mistake of starting out @ a high dose. Try for 4mgs, but if you have to, 8 @ the most. Most folks split the dose--A.M. and P.M., I never did, just took my dose in the morn. What ever is more comfortable for you. We are all here for support,so don't hesitate to post. You might also want to go to the "need to talk" forum here @ and you will find most are going through or have gone through the same. Be well my friend. Julie free discount card

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