After many attempts&failures at quitting heroin,i was advised to start a subutex program for 3weeks on minimum dose.i start tommorrow&am a bit afraid as i have been on it before&had severe precipitated also happened to me not once,but twice when i tried to quit with suboxone,i have written about my experiences here before&i tried to stop using"cold turkey"&it didn't work for me as i have a5year old child in my sole care&couldn't cope as my family didn't support me with this(i got myself in this mess,i have to get myself out)&my child's dad's in jail for3more weeks.i cut down on my heroin intake&i am really hoping this time around it will work as i want to get clean&do not plan to stay on subutex for a long period of time,just enough to get over the WDs of heroin&stabilise myself,i just want more than anything for this to work for me&i so much fear those awful precipitated WDs!i am going to wait 24hrs before my 1st 4mg dose&hope for the best.does anyone know if there is a specific time frame i'll have to wait pryor to taking my 1st dose&will i be too sick when i get off it after 3weeks?as i have been through rehab to get off the methadone&heroin 7months ago&refuse to get back on the methadone.i'd have gone to a detox,but couldn't again as i have no support with my child&cannot take her with me.
i guess i am asking if anyone knows how long i should wait before my1st dose&if it will do what the soboxone did to me&put me into WDs?i am trying to think&be positive about this,but i am scared i guess... any feedback is truly appreciated,thank you.