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How long after 10mg of valium should I wait to breastfeed my 12 month old?

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1 Sep 2010


With regular usage about a week ,with single dose 48 to hours.-

Take care.-

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maso, you know your stuff! and congrats to the breastfeeding mom! you are doing something i never could bring myself to do. it is gonna make your baby soooo smart and healthy. you are doing that kid a big favor! its proven that breastfed babies have a higher IQ and are not as much at risk for obesity or illness. your a wonderful mommy!!!

Anonymous 1 Sep 2010

Melissa , you are truly an amazing woman!


Layzie7 2 May 2012

Come on now. I am glad you are breast-feeding your child, but a 12 month old. I think he or she has sucked on your tits long enough. Is your man not willing to give you stimulation or something?? I'm confused. Your kid should be ready for better food than breast-milk from your titty... Please forgive me if I come across the wrong way but a year old child I don't think should still be sucking on his or hers mother's tits. Get Real... Let it grow up and begin life. Put the TITS up lady...

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