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How is wellbutrin known to change your eating habbits? Wait gain, hopefully loss of appetite?

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kellyandtodd 14 Apr 2010

Wellbutrin has been known in some people to make them gain weight but from most of the people i have heard from it makes you lose weight,so it just depends on your body how its going be,hope this helps

subzero58 14 Apr 2010

hi mo3, wellbutrin is used for all kinds of quit smoking,help with depression, helps you sleep and in your case help lose weight.what it really does is let your brain receptors start to fire correctly.but be careful cause some people gain weight.they find new things that wellbutrin helps all the time. the smoking was accidently found to just stop.just goes to show the human brain is still a mystery... subzero58... pete

oceano11 31 May 2010

Wellbutrin is mainly known for weight loss. I definitely lost a little bit of weight on it - it has stabilized my weight about 8 lbs lower than where my normal stable range is. It's an alerting drug so it raises your activity levels, and since you're more active, you lose weight. It can also cause loss of appetite, but if you are active enough and expend more energy, you can have increase in appetite in a good way to counteract the side effect of loss of appetite, so it can go either way.
Overall though, it is most often associated with weight loss. free discount card

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