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How is vaginismus treated?

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belinda2403 5 Jan 2011

Hi. I too suffer from this condition. There is a Plastic Surgeon here in South Africa, in Johannesburg, who is known, to have done 100% well. he injects botox just into the area, that causes the extreme pain, when one is trying to be intimate, as this is caused, by tensing up very badly on top of other problems, one may have. It does not at all, interfere with having an orgasim, and once yuo have had the procedure, you wait 6 weeks, and then may resume having sex again. I was given a list full of names on it, and I spoke to about 70% of the woman. All, said thier sex lives had improved, for the better. No more pain, burning etc. They were happy, as were thier husbands, boyfriends..I do not know where you are from, but I would look into this, where you live. It has done wonders for me too. I could not have sex with my husband for nearly 4 years, we had to resort to other things. Then I came across this Doctor, and wow, my life is wonderful again. I know that the pain can be so severe, and the last thing you want, is your partner touching you, as you get scared, "Will it hurt, again?" Once the 6 weks was up, I was nervous, and we tried slowly, and eventually, I clicked, I was making love to my husband after 4 years again. I would look into it if I were you, it will do nothing but good!

cjmichi 8 May 2011

hi belinda2403 i suffer from the same condition, can i send u my email, and get the details of this surgeon from you? free discount card

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