I have been suffering from scleritis (eye redness, tearing, photophobia, pain, headache) in the right eye since the beginning of August. On my first visit, the doctor prescribed me ibuprofen for 10 days (800mg per day) and Prednisolone acetate eye drops for 10 days (1 drop in the affected eye for 6 times a day).

After 10 days, the symptoms retuned and I visited the doctor for the second time, this time he prescribed ibuprofen for 5 days (800mg per day) and fluorometholone ophthalmic for 2 months (1 drop in the affected eye for four times a day).

It has been over three weeks, the redness and pain in the affected eye is gradually improving but vision in the affected eye is blurry. Am I getting the right treatment for scleritis? How long would it take to get well completely?

I have been tested negative for rheumatic fever.