I know if you use any DOC too soon before the initial induction of Sub, you'll get very ill. Once you've been on it for a while, and your receptors and well covered, do you still have the same issues.
I have said I have had a couple of relapses. I just took a couple of T#3's once and a couple percs the next time. Because my receptors were blocked I didn't get a buzz. I was also told I wouldn't have to wait the full 24 hours before taking my next dose of sub BECAUSE the receptors were blocked and nothing got in. I waited, anyway because, at the time I didn't know this.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I am trying to remember why I posted this!<<<<<<<<<<
Oh, OK,
KNOW I am not suggesting anyone 'try' to see if this works, OK??
From what I understand it would take mass amounts of any DOC to be effective, if at all.
I am not interested in any of this, as I am happy to be where I am-on my dose of suboxone and all.
These thoughts have been swirling around my mind for some time. I wasn't sure how posting this would be accepted. I wanted to chance it even being posted. My thought was if I AM thinking about it, chances are so are others.
So, there you go!