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How is depression remedied without medication? This question is worth repeating?

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LaurieShay 3 Sep 2011

Hey BAMoos,

This is a tough one. If the depression is situational then it can be remedied through a few months of therapy. If it is biological then it may require medication. It really depends on the severity of the symptoms. If a person is unable to function and /or is suicidal then medication is in order. If a person is suffering from life issues and needs to learn tools for coping with what life has dealt, then talk therapy may be just the remedy.

I have used both medicinal and talk therapy for many years with great success. I was suicidal though and medicine was a must. When depression lasts more than a few months medicine becomes an important option to consider. Doesn't have to be for a lifetime, but even for a short while until the issues are resolved may be of significant benefit.

Best wishes,


Inactive 3 Sep 2011

Hi BAMoos. I know Laurie answered you, but I haven't read her response. So, if I might repeat something shes already said, thats the reason. I answer most questions in this manner. I might say this, depression more often than not, does not tend to go away on its own. There are at least 11 different types of depression. From postpartum depression, reactive, major, unipolar, psychotic and the list goes on. Depending upon the severity, usually most forms of depression require medication. Now, drugs aside there is of course therapy. Cognitive, psycho etc.Treating depression is more often than not, done in combination, of both. Is it possible through therapy alone to win the fight against a form of depression. Possibly but not likely. Usually even in a mild form of a depression, medication is almost always given from the onset. Then, after a period, if the results are favourable, drug therapy mighyt be stopped. Depending on the form of depression and its severity.

Inactive 3 Sep 2011

BAMoos, I totally agree with Pledge, every word he said. I suffer from, depression, anxiety, panic and social anxiety. Just because we need meds for this doesn't make us bad or drugies. As for me taking my meds do not make me high, they give me the ability to cope and be as normal as I can. I do have my days, not all good and not all bad. I have been told on this site I wanted the drug feeling, NOT TRUE ! I don't have a drug feeling when I take my meds and the reason why is because my meds are fixing what I'm lacking, or my body is lacking to produse for me. Good luck and God Bless. Von-1 free discount card

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