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How in the name of humanity could any one take that stuff,it aint fit for a crazy mule?

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Psychmajor 29 Nov 2009

because its functions can regulate depression (seritonin increased), anxiety (norepinephrine lowered), and dopamine(lowered). buuut its also an antipsychotic which can have bad and more side effects. alot of people take it to help get to sleep

maxcentious 29 Nov 2009

if you ever took it you would know .your answer sounds like an ad.

Psychmajor 29 Nov 2009

its just how it works... with less dopamine you dont feel as rewarded for doing things that make you happy, Seritonin makes you happier over all and lack of norepinephrine makes you much more tired since its alot like adrenaline... i refuse to take antipsychotics unless i have schizo just because i dont want to chance tardiv dysconisia (not spelt correctly) which is forever if you dont stop when it first starts to show

maxcentious 29 Nov 2009

thats what im talkin about

sjzoey 29 Nov 2009

for those of us who need this medication and it works it is a blessing. i have very good doctors that monitor my meds. and i trust they have my besy interest in mind... part of my bipolar problem was picking out what meds. i wanted and did not but i except today that this med. has done wonders for me. free discount card

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