Hi All,

Now first, Please do not make me panic here. That will do no good. I have an appt to go to a cardiologist on Thursday.

I've been feeling a bit strange since I woke up 3 hours ago, so I checked my BP. I got about 182/ 88, or 92. I think it's 88. Usually my BP is high. Its usually 162/82 or something like that. And right now my pulse is 92. Usually it's 84 - 86. So these readings are high, but not that high for me. So I just took my BP meds. Usually I take them at 8 pm and it's 3 pm. I took 50 mg Toprol XL, 50 mg Cozaar, and 40 mg Lasix (Furosamide). How long do I need for them to work?

I also know I can go up to 100 mg a day of Toprol, and 80 mg a day of Lasix. How much Cozaar can I take? Anyone know? I have to get something done tonight.

I would go to an ER but I am supposed to do a money thing tonight. It's not a job, but it is a job, but it's not. It's nothing illegal. It's a one shot thing. I'll be gone all night. I need to do this because I'm flat broke. I'm talking electricity may be turned off. So don't make me panic. But how high can the BP go before I really need an ER. Not ideally, I mean push it to the limit?

And does anyone know what causes high BP?

Btw, if Dave is reading this, the pain in the feet went away. I had it a little yesterday, but not at all today.

And as of Monday I have full insurance coverage. So even if I don't go to work tonight, I'd rather stay away from the ER until Monday.

I have no chest pains and no pain in the arms or jaw. I did have the headache. I took one 325 mg Aspirin which usually makes it go away.

I want opinions, but not stuff like Run to an ER, because I'm not doing that.