I have read other post similar to this and people have laughed at this question because it is such a low dose, but Im honestly terrified. I sam 28 Yrs old. I have been taking methadone on and off for about ten years. In the last 3 of those 10 years I have been taking 5mg every day. The last 6 months I have been taking 7.5 and sometimes 10mg a day instead of the 5mg, a couple times a week. Last week was the first time I didn't take it for almost 3 days in about a year. the first full day started off with what I hear are typical withdrawal symptoms..runny nose, sneezing, teary eyes, nothing horrible. But that morning when I woke up, WHOA, I had never experienced back pain like that. It was horrible. I couldn't lay, I couldn't stand. I took some advil and kept low key, but that night it just got worse and worse. I was so tired but I couldn't sleep and my back was on fire. I made it halfway through the third day and just couldn't take the back pain (I have never had back pain issues) and I kept having MASSIVE panic attacks (Once again, I have never had panic attack issues) so I took a methadone to make myself feel better. I don't even know the first step to stop. I want to stop, that was a wake up call. I now accept that I am addicted to methadone. No one knows,not my husband, my friends..no one. Ive kept it hidden very well. I just want to know how much worse will the withdrawal get? I always just figured 5 mg was no big deal and I would never have a problem stopping whe I wanted to. Can I withdrawal at home? I cant afford to take time off from work to go to a rehab. I have heard about suboxene..is this an option. I just don't know what to do.

Thank you for reading this, I know this was very long. Any advice is very appreciated.