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How effective is zoloft for treating bulimia?

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Psychmajor 9 Dec 2009

SSRI's show small amounts of improvement so you can take this (clinical tests stated this) BUT your best bet is to do cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and something to releive stress depending on what your bingeing technique is you might want to avoid exercise

samada2 9 Dec 2009

I had struggled with bulimia/annorexia for over 11 years. I have been on many different anti-depressants. I did take Zoloft and still struggled. I am now on Prozac and like it. However, a pill didn't cure me... I went to a 90 day treatment facility called Timberline Knolls. They were amazing and I thank them for helping save my life. So in a nutshell a drug will not cure completely you but help you recover. It takes many facets to gain sobriety, but it can be done!

briana11 3 Oct 2011

i;ve struggled with anorexia for a few months until i was on the verge of dying because of low weight. I knew i looked as well as everyone else, they encoraged me to gain weight. As i did, i began to feel fat because i was go use to being so small. As time went on, i started eating di muvh since i hadn't before. Now im stuck with this bulimia and random craving to serverely binge and purge. Im afraid jus talking about it w someone wont heko:/

teal 9 Jan 2010

I agree with psymajor said about anti-depressants and eating disorders. I have suffered anorexia/bulimia for 15 years,if im not eating,im bingeing and purging,and no anti-depressant has ever worked for me,they tried ocd meds which eased how many times a day i did it,but still didnt help with the disorder's. you need to do what psymajor said,because there is an underlying reason your doing this,so many ppl think its all about being thin and thats not it at all,doctors told me i do it because of a punishment to myself and a control issue,who know's,but really you need to see someone and find out the problems that put you where you are today,and then work on that. I wish you so much luck in this because i know all to well how dibilitating it can be,it's an awful thing to have to suffer,and im sorry that you do,but like i said,i've tried so many meds for this and nothing helped,but that's me,im not saying something couldnt help you,just for me nothing did,i still continued and had the urges. like psy.said conginative behavior therapy(i believe that is what he said)is your best bet. good luck to you!!! T

teal 9 Jan 2010

sorry,cognitive not conginative

teal 19 Jan 2010

I just got prescribed zoloft last week,and i added it to my mednotes and it came back that it shouldnt be given with ppl who suffer anorexia,due to the fact that it causes weight loss,look it up here and you'll see what im talking about,make sure your in the group of anorexia/bulimia,then add zoloft to the mednotes and it will tell you that,it aslo said it can cause anorexia in ppl who dont have it. just fill in everything in your mednotes and you'll see what im talking about. hope this helps,and good luck:) free discount card

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