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How does suboxone help get off methadone when it too is an opiate?

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mpvt 2 Sep 2009

Methadone is a full agonist opuite like morphine and heroin. Buprenorphene is a partial antagonist and acts on the brain differently. Talwin is a partial antagonist too...

jujusmama 11 Sep 2009

you cant use suboxone to get off meth. my clinic kicked me off after being on 140mg for 7 yrs. after a rapid detox of 2 weeks i was down to 30mg of meth and i went to the dr to get my 1st dose of suboxone. well,the meth was still in my system so i went into immidiate w/drawl. i cant even describe how violently ill i was... i lost conciousess after about 15 min and my dr called 911. make sure youre off the meth for a couple days before starting the suboxone free discount card

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