Hi all! Everyone who has helped me this far, with terrible issue over weekend without my main medication )oxy ER 40mg/20mg). I have a relative that said to ask Dr. for possibly "roxicodone?" I am very allergic to vicodin, and was wondering if it's the same ingredients or not, before I try to get my pain doc. today?
Does anyone know about this med? I know nothing about it? I may need different dosage/mg, for Ins. co to put any of my "long acting" through today. Don;t know yet? I'm wondering what the doc will suggest, but wanted to make sure what is even avail. before I go.
I like to be the one who has all info, so I don't end up w/ something that's not good for me, if you know what I mean?
Thanks a million for all of your incredible kindness & empathy, ALL OF YOU who have helped me last few days, during very scary time. I really am so grateful to everyone here!
I also think that we "moms" need to stick together. Our babies need us~pain or no pain, right? Thanks!
boobookittymum :)