I have been receiving pain management for approximately ten years due to severe spinal damage including nerve damage. My body has become tolerant to all the pain meds that I've been prescribed by my pain management specialists, and I constantly go through withdrawl symptoms (anxiety, sweating, sleeplessness, etc.. several times per day, usually several hours after taking my prescribed medications, only to have them subside after when I take my next scheduled dosage prescribed. I always be sure to take them at the same time everyday, as prescribed, but I go through these "withdrawl symptoms" on a daily basis... and always wake up daily with all these symptoms. I just explained) while taking my meds per the recomended dosages. It's really taking a toll on me due to this. I've discussed this with my doctors, and have tried various meds to try and combat these effects, but nothing seems to work. If you could please explain if robaxin may help diminish the symptoms, or recomend any other meds that could help diminish this... even if its just in a small way, it would be highly appreciated. Please let me know. I Thank you in advance for your help, or even just for your attempt to do so ... Thank you