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How does one find a GOOD doctor to diagnois Systemic Fungal Infection?

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Anonymous 22 Sep 2009

See if there are any infectious disease doctors in your area. It might not be contagious, but, they handle the non run of the mill conditions. You could look up the center for disease control in Atlanta, GA and they could probably get you to somebody good in your area. It's intitials are CDC.

fragile1 3 Oct 2009

Hi Phil444: I recently commented on a post from someone having a systemic fungal infection named "aspergillosis". From past experience with my sister, my suggestion to you is to see an "Infectious Disease Specialist". In doing so, please question what medication they are giving you or intend to give you. Should it be "cortico steroids", please reconsider and do not accept this as a possible treatment for this condition, should you indeed have this fungal infection within your body. Best of luck to you-

luci.ball 7 May 2012

First, you are using the wrong term. You most likely have Candida Fungal Overgrowth, not Systemic. There is no such thing as a low-grade systemic candida infection with mild symptoms. Invasive candida infections are characterized by fever and shock, including low blood pressure, an elevated heart rate, respiratory distress, multi-organ distress, and sometimes a systemic rash or skin peeling. This is a dangerous, even potentially fatal, condition.

SHEsevEN4 21 Dec 2014

I agree with luci.ball, you need to get on a good diet, probic and vitamins, supplements, avoid sugar it feeds yeast.

Jen353 27 Jun 2015

I am afraid it is extremely difficult to get proper treatment for a fungal infection. I have seen numerous infectious disease doctors who never even seem to consider the existence of a fungal infection unless the patient has HIV. My immune system is extremely weak due to cancer treatment, but they truly don't seem to care. I became infected by multiple species of fungi after having a biopsy in 2012 and am still growing the same fungi as of June, 2015. I have sought treatment in 3 different states, spent so much money, had more surgeries, and doctors continue to prescribe antibiotics which only help the fungal infection spread. I finally found a doctor who realizes the seriousness of my situation (he is a colleague of my mother who is an MD). He's sending me to Mayo clinic. I have heard many positive stories from people who have gone there when all else has failed. free discount card

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