I've been prescribed 4mg Ativan per day for years. Have taken Ativan at varying dosages for over 10 years. New Dr. reduced Ativan from 4mg to 1mg per day. I'm having a terrible time with it.

Having crisis with elderly parents. I am only child with no relatives to help. Have all the state help they qualify for but in the end they are my responsibility.

I can't make decisions, am extremely nervous, ignoring my friends, everything seems distorted, and generally not coping well.

I am on Medicaid. I ask for a new Dr. but there is not one available. Actually this one probably isn't going to refill the 1 mg a day. I was put on it for PTSD and severe anxiety. I know it is important to get off of it but think this has been too fast and caused unnecessary problems. I am on my own with this.

Please don't suggest new Dr. as State run programs have very limited resources and are losing what they have .

Actually I did see a replacement Dr one time (she was quitting so only saw her the one time). She said she doesn't prescribe Ativan at all. So I may be really going from 4 mg to 0mg.

I can't sleep, have Migraines so intense head feels like on other planet. Driving my 80 yr old Dad w/dementia to Urgent Care yesterday and felt like I was driving under the influence. I needed Urgent Care. Next time he will have to go by Ambulance.

I have an EEG in two days as my PCP thinks I have dementia. I'm 46 and this terrifies me. My brain is in a terrible state to be tested. My Dad has dementia from many strokes and TIA's and my 88 yr old mother has Alzheimer's so I know I have a good chance of getting it but I am horrified and feel life over if I have it so young. I think it is long term depression, rx use; anti-depressants,Lyrica for fibromyalgia,pain killers, head trauma from 9 yrs of abuse by ex-husband, long-term unrelenting stress, migraines, and intractable insomnia. But if I am dx'd with dementia that will be forever in my record and I will be so embarrassed I will withdraw from everything even more.

I know I'm rambling. Immediate question is how to deal with sudden reduction in Ativan. It has been about 2 months already but still feel like I'm in hell.
Would really appreciate any help and experience you have.